Copper processing

AMTRAF has machinery stock adapted to the mechanical processing and forming of non-ferrous metals – in particular, flat bars, copper sheets and aluminium sheets.


Our products are made based on customers' technical documentation.


We guarantee that these products are made of certified materials and assure timely and reliable execution in accordance with the technical documentation.



Copper processing

We make:

  • copper items and parts for power equipment
  • copper and aluminium connecting elements for power equipment windings
  • flexible copper connections for power equipment
  • aluminium and copper separation screens for power equipment
  • copper conductor rails for AC/DC control and distribution systems and equipment
  • other parts made of the above-mentioned materials according to customer documentation


We work primarily on our own material and have a wide range of flat bars and aluminium and copper sheets. We also take advantage of cooperation in the field of silver plating, tinning and nickel-plating services.





Copper processing

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